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All terrorists are either arrested or killed – IGP

All those who were involved in the recent terror attacks have been recognized and all of them were either detained or killed, Acting Inspector General of Police C.D. Wickremaratne said yesterday (06).

He said that two bomb specialists were among them and they have also died. “All those terrorists directly involved in the bombings are either dead or under arrest,” the Acting IGP said late Monday after a meeting with Defense Secretary Shantha Kottegoda and tri-force commanders at the Ministry of Defense.

Mr. Wickremaratne said all the explosives hidden by terrorists for future attacks have also been detained by the police and the security forces. He requested the general public to not fall victim to false reports as there were some untrustworthy posts flowing on social media platforms.

He said that the day-to-day life could return to regularity. However he said that security plans were being applied by the security forces with the help of the general public to safeguard security in the country.

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