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Another Facebook data breach

Millions of smartphone users confess their most intimate secrets to apps, including when they want to work on their belly fat or the price of the house they checked out last weekend. Other apps know users’ body weight, blood pressure, menstrual cycles or pregnancy status.”

The picture painted is one of a digital advertising ecosystem out of control. It goes on to point out that 11 popular health apps, serving tens of millions of users, are (or were) spewing data towards Facebook’s servers with little indication to the user of what is going on.

Worse still, this was happening, the WSJ reported, whether or not the person using the app was even a member of Facebook at all. Imagine that – you’ve decided not to join Facebook, for whatever reason, but Mark Zuckerberg’s company is still receiving information about what you had for dinner last night, and how you’re planning to have sex tomorrow because you’re trying for a baby.

Like I said: gob smacking. It wasn’t long until New York governor Andrew Cuomo declared he had ordered an investigation into how “Facebook is secretly accessing personal information”.

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