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Brexit deal delayed by British parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa May pushed the British parliament to delay the Brexit deal after 48 hours of pushing to accept the deal.

In a rare good day for the U.K. leader, the House of Commons on Thursday voted 412 to 202 to sponsored her motion, buying her time to try and influence doubters in her own Conservative Party to back her proposal or risk a lengthy postponement to Brexit they’re increasingly desperate to avoid.

With Britain tied in political knots over how to leave the EU, May is entering the 11th hour of brinkmanship. The country is due to end 46 years of membership in the EU on March 29, with the increasing threat of economic breakdown should no agreement be reached.

May is now offering a simple choice for members of Parliament: back the deal they’ve already emphatically rejected twice and deliver Brexit delayed by up to three months, or risk being trapped in an extension that would last much longer.

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