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Business Community slams Govt.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is deeply troubled that the events that resulted in the meaningless acts of terrorism that claimed the lives of so many people were able to be carried out due to the neglect of the Government authorities.

In a letter sent to President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said that while terrorist activities meant at achieving ideological objects can never find explanation, what is deeply distressing is that there was a failure on the part of law enforcement to prevent this attack despite being in custody of intelligence that warned of forthcoming threats.

“The available information points to a serious lack of direction, ineffectiveness and incompetence in handling national security. It is also amply clear that petty disruptive political differences among the political leadership has backed to a situation where interests of the country are subordinated to political agendas,” the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said.

The Chamber said that the events of October 2018 were also a sign of bad situation, which was luckily corrected by an independent judiciary. On that occasion too, it was the people that grieved.

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