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CEB warns of power cuts

With the rising temperature, CEB is struggling to meet demands as the government delays commissioning Independent Power Producers (IPP) and emergency power procurement.

CEB presented an urgent reported stating ‘it may be required to force load shedding during the daytime as well as in the night time to maintain the system’.

On 6th March the report states that due to the water levels in reservoirs are below average and will reach minimum operating levels in the coming weeks warning of possible load shedding. The situation can be avoided if the government approved 100MW of supplementary power and commission the two IPPs from Ace power Matara and Asia Power Sapugaskanda.

The Ministry stated yesterday that they admit the challenge faced by demand and have already requested the public to minimize the use of power. According CEB last week they recorded the highest value of 47.4 GwH.

Power, Energy and Business Development Director, Sulakshana Jayawardena said ‘Due to the dry weather currently in the country. It’s comparatively higher than average, and we recorded the highest value of last week’.

A load shedding was scheduled by the CEB yesterday (11th) but due to the requests by the Department Examination it was cancelled due to an ongoing online examination. The CEB instead generated electricity from Rantambe, Victoria and Randenigala reservoirs which are reserved for irrigation.

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