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Don’t let the web fall into an uncertain future – web inventor

Sir Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the web in a statement said action is required to safeguard the web and not to let it plunge into an uncertain future.

He said people understood how data can be manipulated with the recent Cambridge Analytical incident recently. But he mentioned issues pertaining to data breaches, hacking and misinformation could be tackled with right policies.

In an open letter the founder of the web said many people are now doubting on whether the web can be actually used for good. But people are now understanding the risks they faced as web users.

Coinciding the events of Cambridge Analytics people realized how their data was contributed for election outcome.

With Sir Ian’s Contract for the Web project he is planning on tackling these issues by introducing new laws and systems to the web. He said he want puts all things back on track but it also depends on the governments and corporations their part and public pushing them to the right thing.

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