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“Field Marshal means an ultra-special Rank, not a Joke” – Field Marshal and Parliament member Sarath Fonseka

Answering to a question asked by media personnel after an event held in Polhengoda, Kelaniya, Field
Marshal and Parliament member Sarath Fonseka said that being a Field Marshal add as some
people imagine and gigantic dedication and commitment has to be behind this. Plus, it’s not a gift but an
achievement. Further said, had having military strength or military back up is the sole qualification to be
a Field Marshal, then Prabhakaran, former L.T.T.E. leader who were killed during the war by SL army,
also should be awarded.

Field Marshal is the highest and the most senior rank that any officer could achieved during the period
he engaged with the army and only add of who achieved it so far throughout the
world; for an example our closest neighbor India, had just two such officers. The reason behind this is,
the ultra-specialty of this rank holds. Simply, in order to award by this rank, that particular military
(army) officer should possess ultra-special qualifications. He has to be a hero and he should possess
mastermind, brave, superlative military personality.

To be honest, as Sri Lankans and as a country, we should proud to have such a military personality
among us, though it is questionable and inappropriate his behavior that he has been showed post war
period. Hadn’t this great personnel involved with politics, can’t imagine the respect, admiration which
he’d gain from all Sri Lankans.

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