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Govt. considering tax waivers for tourism industry

We will consider a tax waiver program for the tourism industry in an offer to help companies mend from the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks that killed more than 250 people, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera said.

The industry has bidden tax waivers, including on the importation of security gear in the aftermath of the blasts that targeted foreigners and churchgoers, Samaraweera added.

The terror attacks are dignified to hit tourism, which accounts for 5 percent of the $87 billion economy, as visitors escape from the nation famous for the Temple of Tooth, Dambulla Caves and coconut-fringed beaches.

“The biggest risk would be persistence of such attacks,” Samaraweera said. “We think we can succeed it, hoping it would not repeat again. Sri Lanka’s economy is moving slowly, but fast.”

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