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Guesthouse of terrorist Zahran raided by police

The security forces on Sunday invaded the guesthouse ‘Blue Eye Inn’ at Dharmapalapura Road in Nuwara Eliya, which is said to have been used by National Tawheed Jamaat (NTJ) leader Mohamed Zahran and his abettors for their covert operations.

The finding was made from leads provided by the State Intelligence Unit after questioning an individual who is considered to be the one whom providing technological know-how to the factions of Zahran.

Under questioning, the suspect had confessed to have joined a training class conducted by Zahran at Blue Eye Inn.

He said the meeting was attended by 35 members including those who blew themselves up on Easter Sunday.

Sources say the associates attached to the intelligence unit had found three maps of Nuwara Eliya from the guesthouse.

The suspect who was brought to Nuwara Eliya by the intelligence unit had aided in locating the guesthouse.

Two other suspects who had indirectly assisted Zahran to conduct these classes were also arrested. The officers will question the guesthouse owner who had rented the building to the suspects.

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