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Kingsbury to be opened today

The Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo, which was one of the three Colombo hotels hit by suicide bombers on Easter Sunday, is to resume operations today (April 25th).

A statement by the hotel said that recent events have been intensely worrying however their passion to serve their valued guests remains spirited in the face of these challenging times.

“The Kingsbury understands with all innocent victims of this absurd devastation and our hearts go out to the grieving families of all those affected. During the aftermath of the tragic events our team has been focused on taking care of guests and team members around the clock using all available resources and in the middle of much hardship. We have done our maximum to ensure the safety and well-being of the remaining guests and employees,” the hotel said.

Kingsbury comforted it guests that security has been strengthened in direction with state authorities. This includes improved security at the premises and the border of the hotel.

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