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Kishu to focus on tourism promos

Kishu Gomes is to step down as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) in order to entirely focus on re-building Sri Lanka’s tourism brand in his role as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Board (SLTPB).

Gomes has been leading both SLTPB as well as SLTDA since February this year, but the new challenges that have arisen since the Easter Sunday attacks have required him to center on promotional aspects, leaving him with little time for SLTDA.

Given the firmness of the work at hand, Gomes has chosen to resign as SLTDA Chairman and lead Sri Lanka’s Tourism’s brand rebuilding efforts.

Gomes, who is a talented marketer, accepted an invitation from the industry to aid the country through the tourism industry in February 2019, and agreed to head both SLTPB and SLTDA.

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