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Madhush & 31 Others to Appear at Dubai Courts Next Week

The Dubai police have decided to present the 31 arrested, including 31-year-old Makkedure Madhush, for the first time in Dubai Courts next week.

It has been reported that Makhdehera Madhush and singer Amal Perera, who is in the Dubai police custody since the 5th of April, has made a decision after a lengthy investigation.

It is reported that the release of 15 of them from the group of 31 will be relieved, by granting bail to the court and deportation to Sri Lanka.

Amal Perera and Nadimal Perera’s lawyers has pointed out that both individuals has not committed any crime in Dubai, has only been arrested for drug racketeering for the first time and that they were singers at the party. Due to that they will be included in 15 member lists to be deported from Dubai.

Dubai police have investigated the 31 suspects at the party and they have not been brought before a court so far.

According to Sri Lankan law, suspects arrested can be held for 14 days before presenting in courts. But in Dubai the police has the authority to decide when to produce suspects to the court.

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