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May’s BREXIT deal rejected the second time by MPs

With just 17 days left for Brexit, majority of MPs in the British Parliament have rejected Prime Minsters EU withdrawal plan for the second time.

149 MPs voted against May’s deal which smaller margin than they rejected in January.

MPs will now get to vote on whether the UK should leave the EU without a deal and if that fails should Brexit be delayed for further discussions said Mrs. May.

Though the Prime Minister was able to convince 40 Tory members to change their mind, it was not able to overturn the historic 230 vote defeat the proposed deal suffered.

‘I believe the best outcome for Britain is that we withdraw from EU in an orderly fashion’ said the Prime Minster after the defeat.

Mrs. May also stated that MPs should decide on whether vote to leave or delay the referendum. Delaying the proposed referendum will cause the Prime Minister to draft a new deal.

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