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MTD Walkers brought over

Ceylon Today reported Anunine Holdings, owned by Deshamanya Anurath Abeyratne and his family will be acquiring MTD Walkers Ltd.  Malaysia based MTD Capital has divested 91% of their shares for this purpose.

According to Anunine Holdings they have completed 90% of the deal and the company states they will be treating all creditors and debtors of MTD Walkers equally and will be settling the due liabilities of the company.

Two members of MTD Walkers board of directors Kumaragewattage Sharm Viraj Fernando and Yogendraprasath Sathiyaseelan resigned last week.

Sources reveal that former chairman Jehan Amaratunga is due to resign in few days. And majority of creditors will be eyeing on whether Mr. Amaratunga will be closing his liabilities with peoples bank.

Several local banks wanted sanctions against MTD Walkers PLC on Feb 6th, 2019 over the recovery of loans.

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