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On-Arrival Visas from May 1st

Currently work is underway to implement on-arrival visas during the month May for free of charge to selected countries in order to boost tourism during off peak times said Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga.

The minister said on arrival visas will be given free of charge from May 1st onwards for selected countries for a period of 6 months.

The parliament in February approved the proposal presented by Minister Amaratunga to grant a six-month free visa period from 1 April for selected countries.

According to that, visa-free entry to Sri Lanka will be approved for tourists from Thailand, UK, Australia, South Korea, Canada, US, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and EU counties. And will also include all SAARC countries as well as to China.

It would be primarily applied for a trial period of six months and depending on the success rate, they will further extend the capability with more added features to make Sri Lanka an attractive destination for tourists.

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