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Pepper imports suspended

The Minister of Agriculture, Honorable P. Harison states that importation of pepper will be suspended, discouraged with the intention of uplifting the local pepper cultivators and let them to stable in the industry during a speech he made in a loan scheme providing ceremony which was held at Dambulla.

Further said, that a levy of LKR 200 will be added to each kilo of black pepper gram imported. Earlier, due to this free importation of pepper, the price was drastically reduced and local farmers were heavily affected.

Hopefully, with the new suspension which is about to implement, local farmers will be encouraged and will regain their market share back, obviously with a better price. Subsequently, we could expect a slight price hike in pepper, but again the benefit will be shared by our local cultivators, which is a fair point.

This is a positive move made by the government and we expect this will continue further and more suspensions will be implemented for food items which can be easily supplied by ourselves, within our local boundaries.

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