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Police at Swarnavahini premises

Police were called to the Swarnavahini premises to escort the he Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mahen Perera out of the office. Due to the tense situation at the television station.

The tense condition arose when most of the Swarnavahini television staff frantic over the attendance of Mahen Perera for a meeting at the office after they were told yesterday that he was removed from the post officially.

The staff had formed a trade union recently which was one of the first in private broadcasting industry and pushed for Perera’s elimination as they had several concerns.

Though today (21) Perera had turned up in office on the basis that he will continue to operate as the head of the radio network of Swarnavahini which includes Shree FM and EFM.

Swarnavahini staff however protested to him holding any post in the network and threatened to forcefully remove him.

Swarnavahini was recently brought over by a foreign company.

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