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Privacy first for Facebook – Mark

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has introduced a series of changes to the firm’s range of social platforms, including Instagram and Whatsapp.

The new designs and features for its apps are a direct response to prevalent criticism of how the firm protects user data.

Mr. Zuckerberg said the company campaigns to put privacy first.

He recognized that there was much to do to reestablish trust.

Some of the more noticeable changes to those who use the firm’s products will include:

  • Messages sent via Messenger will be end-to-end encrypted by defaulting, meaning Facebook itself won’t see the contents, and the platform will be fully joined with WhatsApp
  • Instagram is trialing a “private like counts” feature which would hide the “likes” a post attracts from viewers, but not the account owner
  • There will be more “ephemeral” ways to share content in messages – meaning there will not be a lasting record of them
  • A WhatsApp secure payment service trialed in India is to be rolled out to other countries later this year.
  • The Facebook app is being restructured to make community groups central to the newsfeed – and the characteristic blue branding is going. The redesign is rolling out in the US and then more widely straight away.
  • Instagram posts will no longer have to start with a photo or a video, it will be possible to share content using just text, stickers or drawings thanks to a new “create” camera mode.

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