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Saudi Embassy denies allegations

The Saudi Embassy in Colombo yesterday stated its ‘displeasure and condemnation’ of what it called ‘false allegations’ over the argument regarding an unproven top secret document published by the Lebanese news site Al-Ahed that cited a letter supposed to have been sent by the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia to its mission in Colombo on April 16 on certain measures that the embassy and its employees should take mainly with regard to Easter Sunday.

The top secret letter published in Al-Ahed website states, “In a leaked ‘urgent, private and top secret’ document, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs admits accountability or at least ‘relation’ to the terrorist attacks that hit Sri Lanka two weeks ago as Christians celebrated Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Embassy in Colombo said, “The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Sri Lanka carefully followed the news item published in the local newspaper ‘Weekend Express’ on May 3, 2019, under the heading ‘Leaked document discloses Saudi accountability for the attacks’ cited from the Lebanese news site ‘Al-Ahed’.

The embassy states its displeasure and condemnation about publishing false claims against the Kingdom in a state-owned newspaper, which led other local media to publish the same news item.

The Embassy firmly rejects such lies and highlights that the published news item is groundless,”

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