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Three of Madhus’s men arrested in three separate operations

Three Special Task Force (STF) and Tangalle Division Crimes Investigation Unit (CID) arrested three senior members of the Madhush gang.

A T-56 riffle, 12 ammunition and a hand grenade were found along with the suspects.Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel engaged in a raid at the Mattakkuliya area in Mutwal yesterday arrested Andarawatte Chamara, a close associate of Madhush.

Police say that there are many allegations against him regarding the killing, extortion and drug trafficking. The grenade was caught by the police while he was in possession.

Asela, another major member of the Madushi gang, was arrested yesterday by the Tangalle Division Crimes Unit at Sooriyawewa, Viharagala.

Asela Eranga is currently imprisoned for a murder. The suspect, a friend of Madhush, Rotumba Amila, was taken to hide the T-56 rifle used to hide.

The Tangalle Police Crimes Investigation Unit and the Organized Crime Investigation Unit of the Tangalle Magistrate today arrested Madhush’s drug dealer and two grams of heroin in the Sooriyawewa bus station.


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