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Venezuela’s uprising

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido made his effort yet again to grab power from tormented President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday morning, declaring an uprising alongside a group of soldiers in the capital Caracas.

His call brought protesters to the city’s La Carlota military airbase, where there were conflicts between Guaido’s military supporters and Maduro regime supporters under a cloud of tear gas as gun shots rang through the air.

Some members of the military, National Guard, and armed forces flourished blue armbands in seeming unity with the opposition.

More than 70 people who were injured in the protest have been taken to Salud Chacao Medical Center in Caracas, according to the hospital’s president. Of the injured, 42 were wounded with rubber bullets and two were treated for gunshot wounds.

According to Venezuela’s Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino, a military colonel was also shot during protests.  

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