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Vital information revealed by suspects

Security experts have mined vital information from the terrorist suspects detained in linking with the series bombings on Easter Sunday.

A person arrested in Dambulla has been recognized as the second-in-command of the terror network operated by Thowheed Jama’at.

Inquiries have also exposed that military training for the attackers was provided by a person called Army Mohideen while weapons training was led overseas and at some local locations in the Eastern Province, Nuwara Eliya and Wanathawilluwa.

The attackers had been provided with physical training at a gymnasium and by practicing soccer while the suspects had used their candid national identity cards. The vehicles used in the terror attack had been purchased from a car sales center in Kadawata.

Reports said Army Mohideen had begun to spill the beans and a copper factory operator detained in connection with the bomb blasts had helped him by making the makeshift explosives devises and helped purchase empty cartridges sold by the military as scrap copper.

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